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>> MK-012-02 black MSP4

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MK-012-02 black MSP4


Matched Pairs are tested and measured in three steps at the factory in Tula to insure consistent quality and performance, and they are delivered with individual frequency printouts. All MSPs are matched with less than 1dB deviaiton. In pairs, the MK012s are perfectly suited for coincident and spaced stereo miking techniques, and also overhead usage in live and studio situations.

Technical details and application opportunities
Détails techniques et utilisations possibles

The set consist of: 2*microphone preamps, 2*cardioid capsules, 2*omnidirektional capsules, 2*-10 dB pads, 2*mic holders, wooden box.

We also recommend the following accessories:
Shock mount SM 20 black
SMP-012 - universal schock mount with pop filter
Stereo bar
SM-MSR shock mount for two mics

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