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Oktava MKL-5000 multipattern tube microphone

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A bottle style tube multi-pattern large diaphragm studio microphone MKL5000 is the hi-end addition to the range of high quality condenser mics from the Oktava factory. Utilising a 6Ж1П tube in the discreet preamplifier circuitry creates just the right amount of third harmonic distortion, adding a subtle warmth but maintaining the clarity of the newly designed 1 inch 5 micron thick gold sputtered dual diaphragms. The tube is powered by a british designed and built class 'A' power supply and the mic comes with a highly effective shockmount and durable flight case. On the body of the MKL5000 is a switch to select from the choice of Cardiod, Omni-directional and Figure-of-eight polar patterns making this a versatile single mic which is also useful in XY or AB stereo situations when bought in pairs. 
Designed to work with numerous sound sources to maximum effect, the MKL5000 excels on vocals, grand pianos, guitars and percussion amongst many other sources, and gives presence and warmth to lead parts in the mix. The frequency response of the MKL5000 is expansive, ranging from 20 Hz to 20 kHz and smooth throughout all of its polar patterns. Despite its sensitivity it has a very high SPL handling capability and very low noise floor, allowing straight to digital recording and thus leaving the pure warm sound unadulterated. 
For close miking vocals a pop shield is recommended. 


Polar Pattern  Omni-directional / Cardoid / Figure-of-eight 
Frequency Response  20hz to 20kHz 
Sensitivity  12 mV/Pa
Power  Power supply unit supplied 
Output Impedance 350 Ohm nominal
Minimum load impedance 1 k Ohm
Max SPL @ 1kHz   > 125dB 
Dimesions  Ø64х255 mm 
Weight  1,1kg